Ways to Pledge

Receiving Donations

Every time a person donates to a participant, the rider is notified by an automatic e-mail. If these e-mails are being filtered out and do not reach riders, you can find out who has donated by visiting your personal pledge page.

Manual or Off-line Donation Guide


If you have received cheque donations you can mail them to Caledon Community Services office and we will manually credit the donations to your name. Due to technical limitations the amount will go to the benefit of the Velocity event however, may not show up on your individual page. 


If you receive cash donations you can do one of the following:

  • Use your own credit card to pledge yourself for the equivalent amount of the cash donation you received and fill in the Name, Address, Phone Number and E-mail of the donor so they can receive a tax receipt. 
  • You can write a cheque to Caledon Community Services for the equivalent amount of the cash donation you received and outline on the donation form who the donation is from (Name, Address, Phone Number and E-mail) and send us your cheque and donation form to Caledon Community Services.  We will e-mail the tax receipt to the donor that you have listed. 
  • You can bring the cash and donation form with you on the day of the ride. The donation will be credited towards your name after the ride, but not in time to be included in any calculations related to benefits.


Keeping Track - Donation Pledge Form 

To keep track of cheque or cash donations participants can download a donation form. Information on the donation form must be complete and legible in order for tax receipts to be issued. Two versions of the form are provided, a printable and one fillable pdf.

Download printable pledge form

Open and enter: fillable PDF pledge form